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Arrival in the U.S! Saturday 3rd July 2004
We made it :) Got up at 5am Friday and made the journey across the pond. Hope it's not a sign of things to come but looking forward to watching a video on the plane and our section was broken so we had to move. Was OK though watched Kill Bill + Starsky & Hutch. Food Awful. Nice tuna wrap just tiny. Took off 40 mins late but landed on time.

Customs was simpler than expected. No questions about being here for 70 days at all. One curious thing does anyone answer yes to:

1) I am a murderer
2) I am a drug dealer
3) I'm here to commit terrorism???

Got a taxi to the hotel. Impressive Manhatten skyline as we came across the bridge. $53 inc a $5 tip. Got to the hotel and sorted out and the room door was broken. Oops. The bag bloke went and sorted it out for us. Got a new room with two double beds on 8th floor, rm 816. Weird radiator/air con noisy contraption though. Turned it off to get some quiet.

Went for a walk to get some food wandered down Broadway and ended up at a French restuarant. Got some weird green dish with my BLT. Was nice though, hint of mint. Tried to order a side of chips with the BLT, oops should be fries :) Jo had an omelette but hers came with French Fries.

Anyway. 1h 40m and we meet our fellow trekkers and the holiday really starts :).

Woke up at 3.30am (US time) as body clock thought it was 8.30. Had a fag and got extra couple hours of sleep.

No bars, seems this is a coffee street. Will explore NYC more when we come back :).