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Site completion Tuesday 22nd June 2004
The site is now pretty much there and ready for mine and Jo's trip to America. Whether or not we get the chance to fill in the bits and pieces while we are over there is another matter but only time will tell this.

Nicieties to do,
Journal entry default to todays date.

The thumbnails index in the photo gallery now has a link to return the user to the main photo index and each photo has a link to return the user to the thumbnail index, so we have achieved full navigability!

The copyright notice at the bottom now also serves as a hit counter so we can tell the number of page views that a page has had. I don't think I will use this for the time being but the data is now being stored and a nice webpage showing the browsers and platforms of visitors can be made on my return to the country.

Hope you all enjoy the site and I promise to post some photos while I am away if I get the chance.