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FAQ's and Tips

What trip did you do?

We did the Trailblazer, but this was a split trip with some passengers going New York to Los Angeles and others going Los Angeles back to New York. Six of us went all the way round together.

Was $25 per day enough?

Yes and No, it was enough for the hotels, food kitty and trek activities (jet-skiing, swamp tours, etc), but you need some more for the cities and other stuff (beer, gifts, phone cards, food in the big cities!).

Was washing a problem?

Not really, most sites had launderettes. I think the longest time we went without laundry facilites was three days. I ended up sending a bunch of clothing back home. Pack for about 7 days, and girls your going to have to wear that top at least TWICE :o).


Stick to the guidelines they are there for a reason and it is not funny for those loading the van if you pack everything and the kitchen sink.

Travel alone?

On our trip there was a mixture of singles and couples. In the big cities the 'singles' joined up in pairs/groups for the daytime but if we went out in the evening then it was usually as a bigger group. Once you are over the initial 'meet and greet' then you'll relax [Hey, you'll all be in the same boat( well van at least ;o) )]

to be continued ....