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caroline t6th July 2004
Thanks for my birthday card and pressie. hope you r having fun! Your postcard is now at yours thanks for the message. speak to u soon
little sis
Karen Simpson5th July 2004
Hiya Mr and Mrs T

Hope you have arrived safe and sound and you are having a great time!

Looking forward to hearing news of your trip and seeing loads of piccies!

Take care

Lots of love

Karen xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Chris's Mother.3rd July 2004
Hope both of you are getting on okey.?
Have a great time, and BE CAREFUL.
From your mother,!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tony P2nd July 2004
Hello Twinny & Jo

Been round your house. The front door was locked, so got in through the kitchen window.
TV was already gone. Had to settle on stealing Jos' underwear. Bit tight, but I kinda like it that way.

Have a great time.

Love & Respect.
Daniel and Vicki1st July 2004
Great site mate, best be posting loads of photos to look at.......

Missed you last night, so I guess this is the only way we can wish you all the luck in the world for youur American Adventure.

Go wild, enjoy yourselves and make it the trip of a lifetime that it deserves to be!

I'll keep you upto date with anything I think you would like/need to know.... See you in September.

Bon Voyage

Dan and Vix
Michael30th June 2004
Good luck and safe journey. Don't worry about the red glow in the East mornings towards Cambridge, it is probably only the sunrise.
Wayne T28th June 2004
Checked out the site - it works! Better make it worthwhile for me to return by adding lots of updates and pictures as you go.

Good luck on the trip guys. Be safe and have a blast for the rest of us who are sitting here at work instead of doing something so cool.

Jo25th June 2004
Only 3days 1hours of work to go!!!!!!!!!! :o)
Jo22nd June 2004
Looks great, enjoyed reading the comments!!!
Chris Twinn22nd June 2004
This is my first entry into the guest book. Please feel free to use the 'Add an Entry' link to make a comment. Please note though that offensive or downright stupid comments will be removed from the system.

Anyway, with the implementation of this guest book I now believe that the site is suitable for 'going live'. The site does need some client side javascript but it will work without this. Also the site needs a 'broadband or dialup' option under the photos as downloading some of the photos on a dialup link can be very tiresome. These are things that I will do on my return from America. :o)

All the best.

Chris & Jo.

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