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Jo17th July 2004
United States
Also, pics are on there way, we have already taken 224. But have not got the access to put them on at the mo. We will try at our next stop (Austin, Texas).

:o) Jo
Jo and Chris17th July 2004
United States
Hi All

We made it, and are now in New Orleans. First place we have access to web.

We have done so much in 2 weeks. Been to Washington, Charleston, St Augustine, Miami, Key West, Key Largo, Orlando (saw Mickey :o)).

We have been parasailing, snorkelling, jet skiing (which was brilliant), we have seen alligators and we both held a Burmese Python!!! We cannoed down a swamp and went for an airboat tour around the Everglades.

Yesterday we went on a Steam paddleboat on the Mississippi River.

Having a great time, not missing the English weather or work at all. Still lots to see.

Love to you all, take care, Jo and Chris.
Jeannie & Reubs - Jo14th July 2004
You swines we hate you. Weather is poo city here and youre now off to panama beach!! Advice for today is pick up some shrimp from bubba gumps on the way.
Ps. Reubs and I are planning our trip to Butlins at skeggie next year. If youre lucky we'll send you a few pics.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Chris' sister13th July 2004
Spoke to Chris yesterday and they are having a great time. Sun is shining not what us back home wanted to here with all our great sun!! They enjoyed the independence day celebrations in washington the only day they did get some rain! They have been down to florida keys (think they said that was the furthest bit south??) They were in the epicot centre when they phoned the rest of the group had gone to Magic Kingdom but they had already done that in Paris. Oh the well traveled to have so much choice!! Hope your not all feeling to jealous of them yet. Did tell him to have a look on here as there are lots of messages so we might see something soon. Think he said when they had some time as they were going for a sunset cruise that night!!!!
Chris's Aunty12th July 2004
Glad to hear you're enjoying yourselves! Alex has been on your website from NZ and is looking forward to seeing more photos. She went bungee jumping whilst parasailing last week, beat that - I'm just glad she didn't tell me about it until after she was safely down! Ash is now in Gran Canaria for a week, widely travelled clan, eh?!

All the best, Angela and Steve
Chris's mother12th July 2004
Yes, Chris and Jo are fine , and having a whale of a time. I just hope they want to come home again.!
Mind you whether we see any photos on this website before they get back is anyones guess.!?
Karen12th July 2004

Has anyone had any news from Chris and Jo? Are they safe, well and having a good time??


Karen xx

Michael9th July 2004
Hallo Chris, hope you are both well.

I was telling people that I thought our course results might be ready after the 8th. but I have just found out that they are not sent out till after the 23rd.

We have had lots of rain here the last few days.
Neil8th July 2004
Hope the trip is going well. looking forward to seeing the pics when you have time to load them.
All the best
vicki next door!7th July 2004

Hope you're having a fantastic time

Dan's Missing his pub buddies!

It's just not the same with out you two!

must say the site looks good

see ya



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