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Vicki and Sue26th July 2004
Well done Twinny on your 1st, well chuffed for you mate. Hope you and Jo are having a great time.

See you when you get back.
Vicki and Sue
Karen and Paul26th July 2004
Hi Twinny and Jo

Firstly just want to say WELL DONE to Mr T for his amazing degree results - well done mate all that hard work has finally paid off! We are so pleased for you!!

It is really goodto see the photos and see that you are both well and having a great time...

Missing you both lots and lots

Love Karen and Paul xxxxx

James Keogh26th July 2004
Well done on your 1st Chris - SNAP I got one too!
Dan and Vicki26th July 2004
Check my spelling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
That'll be why I not got one!!!!
Dan and Vicki26th July 2004
Is it true.....a 1st class Honers degree??????????
Mate, thats fantastic news............you're the stuff of Legends!!!!
All that hard work, and denying me a drinking partner has paid off!!!!!
Congratulations.....I'll celabrate for you..... well done!!!
Madeleine, Rex, Trac26th July 2004
Just heard about your 1st Class Honours degree - fantastic well done, we are all really happy for you - what a great achievement, well done!
James Keogh23rd July 2004
Hi Chris and Jo,

Hope you're having a great time out in the US.
Just to let Chris know that the degree results are out today (though not on the web for another week or 2), Hopefully will get mine tomorrow. Love the Photos - hope to meet at the graduation or before.

Speak to you soon,

Dan and Vicki19th July 2004
Hello travellers,

Just thought we would let you know that we have the keys to our new home!
Spent the entire weekend painting, drilling and sawing...............where were you when I needed you most with helping?................... galavanting around the U.S. of bleeding A, thats where................................BAH!!!
Not that you're bothered I'm sure.....Gits!!!
Photos are good....keep em coming,
Still wishing you were here and I was there....

D & V
Chris' mum18th July 2004
Great photos both of you.! You look as though you are having a great time.Love to you both.
Chris17th July 2004
United States
Found a better internet cafe where the burners work and they have an xD card reader.


There should now be some pics of America for you all to view. :o)

No captions but we will have to do that back in the UK. :o)


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