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Dan and Vicki4th August 2004
VIVA LAS VEGAS...........................

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoo wish I was there.................. You're in my playgroung twinney....... you're in my playground!!!!!
Jo3rd August 2004
United States
Hi all, am writing this with an hangover. Went out for a limo ride down Las Vegas strip last night, brilliant

see you not too soon
Jane and Maggie3rd August 2004
We've been looking at your site with interest - well done on your 1st - are you coming back!!
Bet it was great over the Grand Canyon but even better sky diving. Are we likely to see an Elvis wedding whilst in Las Vegas?? Continue having a great time

Luv Jane and Maggie
Chris & Jo3rd August 2004
United States
Hi all.

In Vegas and this morning we threw ourselves out of an aeroplane at 15000ft just so we could do some skydiving :o)

Jo almost bottled it but she did it and is now walking around very happy that she did it.

Hope you all ok.

All the best

Chris & jo.
Neil M2nd August 2004
Hi Chris and Jo
Had a look at the photos glad you are having such a great time. I am just back from Italy
Well done on your results Chris. Michael is also walking round with a cheshire cat grin on his face.
All the best Neil
Chris's mum28th July 2004
Chris , You have been in America far to long, MOM..................... you are even starting to talk like them!!!!!!!!!!
Chris & Jo28th July 2004
United States
Hi y'all

Finally heard my results from my Mom this morning. :o). I am chuffed.

Thanks for all the congratulations and well done to James and Michael at getting 1st's also.

Congratulations Dan and Vicki on your house, we'll have to have a few celebratory drinks come September :o).

I will be celebrating tonight in the Grand Canyon. We went for a helicopter ride over it earlier and are having a great time.

I have some more photos on a CD at the mo as some of the places we have been do not have all the required facilities, :o(. But hopefully we will get them up soon.

All the best and I would say I'm missing home but you know ;o)

See you all in about 7 weeks.

Chris and Jo
Chris' Aunty26th July 2004
Great results, Chris - congratulations! Really pleased for you.

Best wishes from Angela, Steve et al.
Chris' mum.26th July 2004
Well Chris, Well Done. BSc with honours in Computer Science with a 1st.( I did try and send it via your email addy earlier, but word is out now.!!!!!!) If you have to go to these far off places.?!!!!!!Congratulations anyways.
We will have a booze up when you return, still we can have one tonight without you as well!!!?.
Congratulations to all his friends who have passed as well. Well done all of you.
Tony P26th July 2004
So, all those Saturday mornings you've spent at Mackays beavering away on your college work and then claimed as overtime have paid off. Nice one.

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