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Jo & Chris12th August 2004
United States
Hi Everbody

We are now in San Francisco, you will be happy to hear that the weather is cold and windy. :o( We are going to do a tour of Alcatraz this pm.

We have been to Yosemite National Park, where we did a 7 mile mountain hike to Nevada Falls, where the view was stunning. I nearly collapsed at the end, but very proud of myself for doing it!! :o) We have not seen any bears yet, but plenty of deers, squirrels and lizards.

We are next off to Redwoods National Park.
Only four weeks left!!!!!

Missing you all, take care, love
Jo and Chris
chris' mum ( or mom!12th August 2004
Hi, there both of you, hope all going well. Just to say the other cd(X2) of piccies arrived yesterday. Not sure whether you want us to put them on this website, but we dont know how to do it, so any buffs out there who can help.? Where are sons when you want them?.
jo's brother and his10th August 2004
hellooooo ! hayley sent me the link . hope you had a fab birthday jo, and have recovered by now !! well done chris on your news too ! now you both have good reason to have a few extra beers !thanks for the posties , the web site is a fab idea. take care of yourselves and we will see you soon ! love you lots, jay , honey , megs and scarlett xxxxxx
Wayne T9th August 2004
Well done on the 1st dude. Time for a high paying job!

Sounds like you're having a great time out there although I'm not sure about jumping out of planes.

See ya'all when you get back.

Jeannie & Reubs6th August 2004
Hope you had a smashing birthday sis. All these photos are making us pine for our usa days! The next half will be just as good as the first so forget whats going on at home and have a great time!! Lots of love from Boe & Eva as well xxx
Jeanne & Reubs xxxxxxxxxxx
Karen and Paul5th August 2004
Hiya guys


Glad you are having a good time.. it is going to take a lot of lunchtimes to catch up on all your news!!

I hope you are both well.. you both sound very happy!

Take care of each other

Karen and Paul xxxx
Chris' mum again.4th August 2004
Sorry , just remembered that the CDs(photos) got here okey.
Chris' mum4th August 2004
Happy Birthday Jo. Hope you are okey, and have a drink on us wont you?. Gosh we have a lot to celebrate when you and Chris get back to earth.!!!!
chris' sister4th August 2004
Happy Birthday Jo hope you have a good day sure this will be one of the best yet! Hope you are both having a great time speak to you soon luv to you both
Hayley (Viv's daught4th August 2004
I am soooooooooooooooo jealous. Mum sent me the link so I've been having a look at your site and it brings back so many memories. The ride down the strip in the limo is a real ball isn't it? Glad you're having a great time! well done on your 1st too Chris

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