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Karen and Paul6th September 2004
Hiya Guys

Your big adventure is nearly over :o( but on the up side we will have you both back :o)

It sounds like you have so many amazing stories to tell and I can't wait to hear them all

Looking forward to seeing you both have a safe journey home

Karen and Paul xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Jo and Chris5th September 2004
United States
Hi all

We are now in New York (the Big Apple!!!) :o)

Dragging Chris around all the shops ;o)

We are at the moment visiting Times Square, lots of neon lights and hot dog stands.

Only 3 more days until we get back. Looking forward to seeing everybody, but not the return to everyday life. ;os Off to the Statue of Liberty tomorrow and World Trade Centre.

Bye bye for now - lots more shopping and sightseeing to do.

Love to you all,

Jo and Chris xx
Lee3rd September 2004
Been checking wot cha bin up to not long b4 ya back home now. Back to work soon. lol :)
See ya Lee
chris' mum.1st September 2004
Chris , You became an uncle again this morning(Wednesday 1st Sept) at 2.45 am. Caroline and baby Luke are both doing well, and are home now.
Charlotte and Ben think its great. Ben starts school tomorrow , so its all a bit chaotic here.!
Hope you are both well, looking forward to seeing you both again.
PS Lukes got a shock of black hair and looks just like his dad !!!!!!!!
Vicki31st August 2004
Hey you two,

Not long to go now :-(

but dan and I are looking forward to seeing you both - we need drinking buddies! It's just not the same with out you

need to plan a big night out when you come back

see you soon

Vicki and Dan
Diana Szatanik23rd August 2004
Hi Chris and Jo.

Just a little hello from good old Diana :)
Hope you guys are enjoying the rest of the trip. I bet it's fun with Tino ;)
I had fun on my second trip :D BIG TIME!
Back in Denmark, which is pretty boring compared to USA.
Take care - both of you.

Hugs from Diana :)
chris' mom !22nd August 2004
And they say I shouldnt worry. ! And what about the bears in Redwood NP.!Doh.
Chris & Jo21st August 2004
Hi everybody

Brief update on what we are up to. Yesterday we went white water rafting down the Kicking Horse River in Golden, British Columbia, Canada. This was fun for both of us and we both got wet :o).

Presently we are in Banff town in Banff National Park. This morning we did a gentle 3 mile hike along the river.

Hope everyone is well and we will see you all soon.

All the best

Chris & Jo.
Chris17th August 2004
United States
Hi everybody,

Congratulations on your house Dan, the terrace won't be the same :o(.

We are currently in Seattle and Jo is having a lie in today after all the early mornings we have been having. Went out last night to a club called noc noc, drinks were $1 for a vodka and lemonade while beer, Miller High Life, was 50c for about a 3/4 pint. Bargain :o).

There should now be a bunch more photos for you to all look at now. Found an internet cafe where you can do pretty much anything you like with the machines :o) plus you get a free half hour with a coffee :o) :o).

We got a new bunch of recruits in LA so half the original trekkers are gone and we now have some more :o). Spending some days in the van but defintely worth the sacrifice for everything that we are seeing and doing.

Hope you are all well and things are cool back home. Not long now and we will have to return to reality, damn :os.

All the best and take care.

Chris & Jo.

Vicki & Dan ( no lon13th August 2004

Sounds like your having a fab time, and a 7 mile hike, you must be mad!!!!

well just to let you know we have moved out now so when you get back we will not be there :-( but you must come round for drinks some time so we see all of you pics!

Keep having fun

see ya in about 4 weeks

Vicki and Dan


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