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Ardell Twinn30th November 2004
Cool site . I,m from a small town in Northern Alberta .
Kara27th September 2004
Oops forgot to change the country in the last one! Duh! xx
Kara27th September 2004
Hey Guys,

Just a quick note to see how you're doing? The website is fantastic! Now even when I'm at uni i can click online and be taken back to those awesome days! Well beats studying!

Hope your both doing great and babysitting loads and loads. Ha ha! Hope to hear from you soon,

love Kara xx
Chris16th September 2004
Yes well we've made it back and are slowly adjusting back to normality!

Luke photo

Hopefully above is a photo of my sister and Luke.

Hopefully see you all soon.

All the best,

Dan & Vix13th September 2004

Never thought we'd see the day!
Hrm..... Joint wedding on the cards!!!!!!!!

chris's mom/mum12th September 2004
Congratulations Chris and Jo on your engagement, whilst in America.
All Best Wishes to both of you.
chris' mom/mum9th September 2004
Well, folks , its all over bar the shouting now. Chris ands Jo's plane landed safely at Heathrow at 7.14 am our time, and they are on the way back to Cambridge up the M11 as I post.
No doubt they will have a few photos to show us.!!!!!!!!!
Michael7th September 2004
Safe journey back - hope you have enough joi de vivre from the last 10 weeks to keep your spirits up for the back to the routine ahead spell.
chris's mom/mum7th September 2004
Yes, likewise, I hope you have a good journey back , both of you, and see you soon.
Who said the drinks are on Chris.?
Dan and Vicki7th September 2004
Hey hey travellers (Hrm...... bet you wish you still had your ponytail Chris!!!)
Just thought I'd log on to wish you a safe journey home, back to life, back to reality....la la la
Looking forward to hearing all your tales, seeing all your pictures and of course letting you buy me a pint ;-)
See you Soon

Dan & Vix

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